Donna created a safe environment for me to share and explore my goals, making it easier to develop positive actions that I was able to own and complete.

She spent time listening to me but kept me on track when I needed it.”
Kathryn - Lake District
“Donna made me feel really relaxed and I found her easy to talk to and she was able to keep me focussed on my goals whilst acknowledging and empathising with me on my personal issues but was able to challenge me to accomplish my goals.

She always listened to what I had to say but was always pushing me past the obstacles to achieve success. I came out of each session feeling empowered to achieve my goal.

I achieved all of my plans and more. Donna gave me the confidence and encouragement to push forward approaching businesses and without this I would have stood still.”
Julie – Manchester
"Working with Donna was a joy! She is friendly and easygoing, making it easy for me to discuss my plans for the future with her, as well as shift some of my thinking, which, with Donna’s help, I came to understand was holding me back. 

Her ability to approach sensitive subjects in a very professional yet personable manner, allowed me to be open in discussing my confidence issues with her.  Our sessions together enabled me to take the steps necessary in order to move closer to achieving my goals."
Laurie - Barrow-in-Furness​​​

“Donna has been instrumental in the success of my first ever workshop. For a while now, I have not summed up the courage to run the workshop, but Donna helped me break the process down to manageable chunks and gain clarity for each segment of my goal.

She was always upbeat during our sessions and I was able to think in creative ways because it felt like speaking to a trusted friend.”
Tolu – Birmingham
"I have found Donna’s coaching invaluable, it has given me the ability to focus on my life goals, big and small.  It is just so good to have someone to encourage you who has no hidden agenda other than wanting to see you achieve your potential.

As a result of my sessions with Donna I have set up my own local photography group, I’m starting to take steps to make money from my love of photography. I am also traveling which has also been something I have always wanted to do but was too afraid to try and didn’t think it was even possible. 

My dreams are becoming reality and my life is now becoming my own. Donna has been amazing, she is a very professional lady with a heart of gold, who just wants to see women achieve their full potential, and gives us the tools to do it on our own."

Nicky - Peterborough

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