About Me​​

 ​How can my situation help you?


Grief-stricken by father’s death

Loss of self twice over

Needed focus

Past abuses and negative thinking played
too big a part in my life

Coaching gave me a purpose.

Read my story below
 My name is Donna Taylor

I’m 37 years old and I am on target to qualify as a life coach by February 2019.

Following my divorce 7 years ago, I found myself heartbroken and wondering ‘what am I supposed to do now?’ I had completely lost my focus and I needed something for me.

I decided to start a degree in Arts & Humanities. I studied part time whilst working which wasn’t easy, but I graduated with a 2:1 three years later.

On graduating, I was incredibly angry. The reason for my anger: I had simply delayed the ‘what now?’ process. What did I intend to do with my degree? The simple answer: I did not have a clue. I never really had a life plan, I simply drifted along and whatever happened - well it happened.

I focused on my dad as he had Alzheimer’s and whilst I wasn’t his carer because his needs were too great, I was the main contact for decisions and hospital visits when he started to get worse.

I was in a job that was making me ill and, coupled with worrying about Dad, I began to get very stressed, which later developed into anxiety and depression.

Sadly, Dad passed away in 2016 and again, I lost my focus and found myself asking ‘what am I going to do now?’ I had a choice to either become a counsellor or a life coach. I chose life coaching.

Through being coached and through my training, I have realised, that as a woman, I just need to ‘be me’ and stop comparing myself to others. I had let a lot of past abuses from growing up in domestic violence relationships and the negativity of my divorce colour my life, my thought processes and my beliefs.

I’ve had a lot of realisations about how my experiences, coupled with my coaching skills, can help others. I’m not a counsellor or a therapist, but I do understand and empathise with what you’ve been through.

If you are now ready to move forward and are looking for a supportive environment, a healthy dose of positivity and a Life Coach, then please complete the
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